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Insider Threat

A Fortune 500 corporation in the transportation industry received a suspicious letter from a source believed to be an insider, and asked Inquisit to investigate in order to determine the identity of the individual(s) and the threat level, if present. Through the use of OSINT, Inquisit was able to determine where the events and topics addressed in the letter were also discussed on the internet. Based on the OSINT results and the letter, Inquisit prepared a personality profile and threat level assessment using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help identify the individual, as well as the threat level.

Cross-Border Fraud | Asia/North America

An Asian organization was the victim of a fraud where a suspected perpetrator allegedly took almost USD $20M illegally and re-invested the funds in North American real property. Inquisit conducted extensive OSINT online, as well as in physical state, county, provincial and municipal registries throughout North America, and was able to determine that one of the suspects held real property in North America.

Digital Forensics

A public sector institution conducting a labor relations investigation into employee malfeasance needed to obtain evidence from a cell phone to assist in its investigation. Inquisit was retained and a full digital forensic process including the use of our in-house Cellebrite technology was undertaken. The phone was successfully imaged, and the relevant data was extracted. Hundreds of photos and videos were recovered and provided to the client to assist in the overall investigation.

Cyber Security

A HIGH NET-WORTH CLIENT with residences on several continents requested that Inquisit investigate the actions of an employee suspected of hacking internal emails. An investigation of the individual revealed that he did not have all the credentials initially presented and Inquisit was successful in uncovering the employee malfeasance.


> Subsequent to the investigation, Inquisit conducted an IT security audit of the current systems and recommended sweeping changes and enhancements that are now being implemented at all residences.

Fraudulent Bankruptcy

A major construction company built a condominium complex that was poorly managed and made promises to buyers in condo maintenance AGREEMENTS THAT WERE NOT HONOURED. Dozens of investors bought these condos which were supposedly fully furnished and maintained, and never received what they were promised. As complaints grew, the construction company filed for bankruptcy to escape fulfilling its obligations.


> Inquisit obtained critical statements and evidence that assisted a law firm in exposing this multi-million dollar fraud.


A government employee was suspected of LEAKING SENSITIVE INFORMATION to a foreign entity through electronic means. Inquisit’s digital forensics staff were asked to extract and analyse tens of terabytes of data from the suspect’s computer to support the allegation.


> Within Inquisit’s digital lab, the team was able to successfully carry out the analyses and provided investigators with results that allowed the investigation to continue.

Fraud and Money Laundering

A multinational company operating on four continents suspected that minority shareholder TRANSACTIONS WERE FRAUDULENT and perhaps a part of a money laundering scheme. During this investigation, the Inquisit team used its own digital forensics, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), forensic accounting, and asset tracking expert resources to reconstruct the financial trail to show where the funds went. The combination of specialized investigative tactics and technology were key to tracking the assets.


> The findings of this large-scale investigation were passed on to a law firm to pursue legal options.

Due Diligence

A large corporation in Asia was looking to affiliate itself with partners in North America in a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MERGER. Inquisit was requested to perform a full vetting of the North American companies and principals.


> By using its vast network of information resources in Canada and abroad, plus its internal OSINT and financial analysis practitioners, Inquisit was able to provide a full and comprehensive report to its client to make an informed decision within a very short time line.

Identification of Person of Interest

A federal law enforcement agency providing security and intelligence gathering at a large event was ATTEMPTING TO IDENTIFY a person of interest in a large crowd. After failed attempts to identify the individual, the agency provided photos of the person to Inquisit with no other details.


> Inquisit, through the use of OSINT and its network of sources, was able to identify the individual as a member of an organised motorcycle group and provide a full report to the agency.

Deleted SMS (text message) Recovery

A law firm representing an individual charged with a SERIOUS CRIME against a person knew that deleted messages on a cell phone would help exonerate their client. With their cell phone recovery and forensic analysis tools, Inquisit staff were able to successfully recover the deleted texts from the cell phone.


> Since the police had never considered or uncovered this valuable evidence, the law firm was able to present this new evidence to prosecutors.

Litigation Support

A high-profile law firm in the US needed litigation support for an ongoing case in the US that required a large amount of EVIDENCE TO BE GATHERED in Canada. As an expert firm in obtaining information within Canada’s strict privacy laws, Inquisit was selected to assist and proceeded to gather information via Canadian access to information legislation that ranged from police reports, vital statistics, court records, land titles, and financial information on various entities to media reports. In addition, a full range of investigative support was provided during this multi-year engagement to conduct witness interviews, surveillance, undercover operations and in-depth OSINT work.


> A significant amount of information was collected including evidence that weighed heavily in the client’s favor increasing the litigation success factor exponentially.

Live Social Media Monitoring

A government agency embarking in a round of public consultations needed live social media monitoring services to follow the activities of KNOWN DISRUPTIVE GROUPS that might appear at hearings. Prior to these public consultations, a violent outburst occurred at a hearing where an individual in the audience attacked a panel member. Inquisit was retained and set up a team to conduct live monitoring using its sophisticated OSINT tools to follow social media postings and chat groups.


> Daily intelligence reports were provided to the client, which enabled them to prepare for the hearings in accordance with the information provided and invoke security measures as required.

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