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Ottawa Headquarters

240-1101 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, ON K2C 3W7

PHONE: 613-422-5520
TOLL-FREE: 833-422-5520

240-1101 Prince of Wales Drive

240-1101 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, ON K2C 3W7

inquisit INSIGHTS

The Dangers of Rumors of Bribery and Corruption

Marc Y. Tassé, MBA, CPA, CA

Corporate board members devote significant time to financial oversight and strategy, while often neglecting steps needed to protect and promote its most important intangible asset – its culture and reputation.

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An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure:

How due diligence can decrease management risk in the exempt market

By Charles Richer, MBA, CFE

The exempt market has the potential to provide spectacular returns for investors, and recent regulatory changes have opened the door for the exempt market industry to fill a growing need for alternate investments for your clients. However, coupled with that profit potential are the usual array of risks including management fraud.

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Screening Foreign Business Partners

by Craig Hannaford, CGA

There are many challenges to conducting business with overseas partners. Different laws. Different regulations. Different financial reporting. Different cultures, different values. It can be tempting — especially when there’s money on the table and big plans for the future — to simply trust the integrity of partners and get on with the art of the deal.

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